Tree by Anthony K. on Flickr.

so this is their grave, right? dean, sam, and castiel were buried here. somewhere on bobby’s property. damn angel made a tree when he died.

There’s an abandoned field round these parts.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  This drunk used to run a salvage yard outta there, some guy named Singer.  Never met the man myself, but my father says he went crazy after he killed his wife, rambling about ghosts and demons.  I don’t think anyone even cared when he died.  When I was fourteen, me and my friends decided to check the place out.  Folks around here say it’s haunted, but we didn’t buy into all that.  My dad had already been, says there was nothing to see, but we had to check it out.  We didn’t find any ghosts or monsters, or anything else really out of the ordinary.  Mostly, there were just scraps of metal, cars that never got repaired.  We were on our way out when we saw it.  This old, black car was parked in the middle of a field with Kansas plates, and a tree had shot up through the hood.  Now, my dad never said nothing about a tree growin up through no car, and a tree that size don’t just shoot up overnight.  We ran, told everyone, but no one believed us.  Said, that tree had probably been like that for years.  Finally, we talked to some old woman, claimed she used to be the sheriff around these parts.  She told me the day the car came to park there was the day three boys died and saved the world.  She said one of em was an angel and the other two were brothers and they stopped something called a Leviathan from ‘eating the world.’ Her words, not mine.  We thought she was insane, and we didn’t think much on it until a couple a years ago.  Now, my kids had been up there, my grandkids when they got old enough, and it was fine, none of em thinking anything was wrong with the place.  I was walking with my daughter’s baby girl, she couldn’ta been more than five at the time, and we passed the tree.  She tugged at my hand, said, “Gran,” and she’s smiling the biggest smile I ever saw.  I said, “What, baby girl?”  And she asks if I see them.  I shake my head.  She says, “Sam, Dean, and Cas.  They’re sleeping now, Gran.  They were so tired.”  Needless to say, I got us out of there pretty quick, but I’ll never forget what she said.  She draws them sometimes.  One’s really freakin’ tall with too long hair.  The other kinda reminds me of James Dean, and the last one.  She says he’s an angel, and I just wanna know what kinda angel parades around in a dirty trench coat.  She says they were heroes, and I think maybe that old sheriff I met when I was kid wasn’t so crazy after all.

ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod. I’m now the walking dead. My soul has gone on. Just a tired husk remains, fingers shuffling on the keyboard like it means something.

I’ve literally been sitting here crying over this for 10 minutes.